Blind Chess Copy, January 2017

Original date sent: January 20th, 2017

Today is a momentous day, one where we turn our attention away from Betsy DeVos. Please bear in mind this easily could have been a nostalgic campaign reference to the self-described “mamma grizzly” and I am wiling to entertain any measure to keep Sarah Palin far and away from any school.

As a reminder, a big MSCA event is coming up next weekend.  The Winter Open is a great lead in for the MN Open on February 17-19, and the State Scholastic, Mar 25-26, the two tournaments which are probably on your minds.  It will also be another way for one to cast a vote for the MSCA Board.  The list of candidates are impressive this year, all the way from grizzled veterans with years of experience, to young cubs with a lot of energy and ideas for the MSCA.

The list of candidates will be soon posted on the MSCA website, apologies for the delay and panda-monium this may have caused.  With nine people and four seats, it would be useful to approach to the candidates and their views.  One may describe them as, well, polarizing.  For some people, the platforms they have may be too hard.  For others, too soft.  When you cast your vote, make sure it is just right.

This weekend will feature Exerciser Quads on Saturday, followed by a Birthday Blitz for Stuart Konezny on Sunday.  I have it on good authority that he doesn’t want to win the tournament, and hoping for all you high rated folks to come out of hibernation and challenge him.

This email is running bit late, I was due Back to the house at Pooh corner by one.  Pardon me while I count all the bees in the hive, and chase all the clouds from the sky. Back to the days of Christopher Robin, and January 20, 2009.  This has been your Blind Chess Copy for January, 2017, thank you for your time.