A Look Into January, 2017

Original date sent: January 6th, 2017

Since most resolutions tend to only last three weeks, don’t proclaim that your goal is to play more chess because I really want you to stick around for the whole year and make a long term commitment.  Chess won’t keep you warm in the middle of the night, but with the last several weeks of freeze we’ve had, nothing will.

This weekend kicks off the Chess Castle Championship, always a favorite.  Naturally, this tournament is discounted for those that are Castle members, but still a good value for non-members that want to compete this weekend.  TCCL will meet next Friday, followed by a Whiz Blitz on Saturday and a G45 Quad on Sunday.  Another Birthday Blitz will take place this month on the Sunday the 22nd, preceded by an Exerciser Quad on Saturday.

The main event this month is the Winter Open at the end of January.  The Winter Open is the second biggest tournament held by the MSCA, and an excellent lead in to the Minnesota Open in February.

For anyone interested in running for the 2017 MSCA Board, make yourself be heard.  Any MSCA member in good standing is allowed to run, and all MSCA members are allowed to vote.  Four seats are up for election this year.  All interested candidates, please submit a 150-200 word summary expressing your interest to either David Kuhns or myself by Wednesday, January 11th.  Additional information will be made available on the MSCA website and Facebook page soon.  This has been your Look Into January 2017, thank you for your time.