2021 Online Scholastic

I remember singing Happy Birthday to friends, family, coworkers…and nobody cringing after blowing out the candles. Congrats, it has now officially become a biohazard cake.  Babies have their own “smash cake” they can wallow in, and I am pretty sure this trend will follow to future celebratory gatherings, a smaller individual cake laden with candles so that the bigger cake is free from pandemic pathogens.

I for one will look forward to celebrating with the chess community when things open up and go back to a sense of reduced fears and enjoying the company of of others.  In the meantime, there is plenty to celebrate this weekend with the MSCA State Online Scholastic.  Ideally this will be the first and last online scholastic, but it will still be important.

The information page has been recently updated, so there is a lot more content to help you navigate details about it.  Register will take to the registration page, Information will take you to directly to the Google Sheets, and MSCA Discord will take you directly to the Discord server.  Please reach out if there are any questions.

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