State Scholastic 2016

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St. Catherine’s University
2004 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul, MN
FREE parking (entrance 4, Fairview Ave side of the campus)

Team and individual trophies will be presented: The K-12 section will have top individuals/teams; top female; top grades 9-12, The K-9 section will have top individuals; top teams, top middle schools. More trophies and categories may be added. Two or more players are required to make a team. A player may participate without being on a team. The team score will be the top four individual scores among team members.
GM Wesley So is scheduled to present awards Sunday!

Format and Schedule
Four Sections: High School (grades K-12), Junior High (grades K-9), Elementary (grades K-6) and Primary (grades K-3), with the following round times and time controls:

K-12 and K-9
Saturday (G/60+5 delay)
Round 1:  9:00am
Round 2:  11:30am
Round 3:  2:00pm
Round 4:  5:00pm
Round 5:  7:30pm

Sunday (G/90+5 delay)
Round 6:  10:00am
Round 7:  2:00pm

Saturday (G/60+5 delay)
Round 1:  9:00am
Round 2:  11:30am
Round 3:  2:00pm
Round 4:  5:00pm

Sunday (G/60+5 delay)
Round 5:  10:00am
Round 6:  1:00pm

K-3 (Saturday Only)
Saturday (G/30+5 delay)
Round 1:  9:00am
Round 2:  10:15am
Round 3:  11:30am
Round 4:  1:30pm
Round 5:  2:45pm

The Awards Ceremony for each section will begin approximately 15-30 minutes after the last game for the day has completed.

The K-12 and K-9 sections will be qualifier events for a closed championship that will determine the Minnesota representatives for the National Denker Tournament of High School Champions and Barber Tournament of Middle School Champions respectively. The top girl from the K-12 section will represent Minnesota in the National Girls Tournament of Champions. Please read the rules for further details.


The entry fee for all sections is $35 if postmarked by March 15, 2016, or by online by March 17 at USCF and MSCA membership required. Registration on-site is from 8 to 8:45am on Saturday, on-site entry fee is $45. No phone or e-mail registrations accepted. Late registrations Saturday will receive a ½ point bye for the first round. Mail-in Registration Form

Bring a chess set, chess clock and pencils. Bring a sweater or sweatshirt in case the playing room is cool. Please bring meals. St. Kate’s will likely have cafeteria hours.

Side activities will include a new USCF rated blitz event to be held after the tournament concludes. Separate online registration is available for the blitz event.

Chess supplies will be available to purchase.

St. Catherine University is in the west side of St Paul, south of I-94. You can exit the freeway at Cretin or Snelling, and head for Fairview Avenue which is in between the two. Take Fairview south, cross Randolph, and the campus is on your right. Take second entrance on your right, in the middle of the block, turning right into entrance number four. The O’Shaughnessy parking lot is on the left, but there is a closer lot to our site that should be big enough for our guys. So go pass that lot, and swing left around the water tower. The road goes past a modernistic clock tower on the right. Behind that is a red brick building, and we are in the tan brick building next to it, still on your right. There is a large entrance, back off the road a little bit, capped by a triangle with vent slots in it. The good parking is at the end of road. We are up on the third floor, above the library and the cafeteria.

St. Cathrine’s Campus Map

In the above map, we are in the yellow building, at number 30.

Tournament Updates 

Check out updates on the MSCA website, Facebook and Twitter
Facebook: MinnesotaChess

Download Tournament Flyer | Download Tournament Rules | Download Mail-in Registration Form

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