MSCA October Events

For a number of individuals, this time in October serves as a break for many, with the MEA weekend serving as an unofficial Minnesota “holiday”.  Those who are in town, consider the October Rapid this Saturday at the Chess Castle

The following weekend however, the MSCA will mow the lawn for a final time, get the boat and cabin in cold weather mode, and prepare for the months ahead, putting on a series of tournaments where all players of all ages may be able to find a section appropriate for them.  Additional details may be provided, so check the tournament links below for the latest updates.

Youth and Collegiate: A special thanks for those who have been attending the MSCA Scholastics at the Castle the past few months, there will be a Saturday only, G30 section like you are familiar with, but there is the option of a Saturday-Sunday with longer time controls, G60.

October Open: Open to all players, for those that want more classical time controls and a longer game.

MSCA Senior Championship: As the name suggests, this is age restricted; to those of age 50 and older

Ice Harbor Open: Okay, not an MSCA event, and I am a huge fan of sets of 3, but the committee of one has decided this will be included in an email containing  “MSCA Events” I want to take the opportunity here to mention this premier event in all it’s glory.  This is a widely successful tournament, and has moved from the its traditional May date to November now, but has not lost any of its charm.

Thank you for your time, 

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Jiten Patel