Chess Does Not End In May!

The Scholastic chess season is largely over, so I guess that means we have absolutely nothing to talk about these next several months, how shall we pass the time?  Allow me to come up with some talking points:

Romanian Deadlifts 
Spiderman Far From Home
Pascal Siakam
Spinner vs Roller Luggage
The Treaty of Versailles

Need I remind you that chess does not end in May?  Imagine if professional athletes stopped lifting weights, conditioning, and eating healthy when the season is over.  Being a lifelong Minnesotan, yes, the summer is great, and making the most of beautiful weather is something to look forward to, but there is still room for chess!

Again, Chess does not end in May!  Registration is now active for the Rochester Open.  Those looking to be just past the state lines, check out the Twin Ports Open.  Both will have a venue change, but they will be the same wonderful events you are used to.  The US Junior and Senior Open will also be coming back to the Midwest, this time in Naperville near Chicago.  Twin Ports will be in August, while both the Rochester Open and US Junior/Senior Open will take place later in June.

Also, the MSCA will put on a series of Scholastic tournaments, starting this summer at the Chess Castle.  They will be 5 rounds and G30/d5.  They are open to all, but also geared towards those still getting used to tournament play.  A rated tournament does not need to be seen as daunting or intimidating, and for those that have been given that impression by others, we apologize for that misinformation.  If there are questions or concerns, your feedback will be appreciated.  Give these new tournaments a shot, led by a young talented director in Saumik Narayanan.

More on these events in an upcoming email, there, possible format changes on the Scholastic Series, but links for the others are provided below.  There will be many more changes regarding the MSCA and Chess Castle coming soon, to be explained in future communications, and your ongoing support will be appreciated.  This has been your Look into Summer, 2019.  Thank you for your time.