Blind Chess Copy September 18

Yes, it has been more than ten days since Labor Day, and yes you can continue to wear white,  and why not.  White can represent a new life, a fresh start, a welcome change to be embraced and not to fear.  For the record, I happen to be very open to change, as long as it is on my terms…I kid, slightly.  My take is the following.  I look not to change who I am and what I am about, but instead evolve to who I want to be and what I want to become.  In the next two months, we will be surrounded by messages by those to seek change.  Are the creators of these messages seeking change, or seeking votes…it’s not always clear, is it?

The MSCA is seeking change, there is a newer, more responsive and interactive website in the works, please have a look at it, your feedback will be greatly beneficial.  There will be the launch of another chess resource that some folks know already.  Within the board, new responsibilities have been taken on, and board meetings are becoming slightly better attended.  The next one is Wednesday, September 19th, 7:30pm at the Castle. 

Change begets change, and inspiration from oneself.  The Gopher Open, while not an MSCA event is being run by someone who is a model example of this. Saumik Narayanan has managed to create this wonderful event for the second year in a row.  There is still plenty of time to sign up, the U1000/Unrated section is a Saturday-Only section, so those inclined to free up the rest of their weekend can take advantage of this option, check out the details or consider the 2-day. 

Speaking of change, hope the school year is off to a wonderful start.  As many also look forward to the Chess League starting in September, we will actually be starting in October.  It turns out that it takes a little more time for schools to kick off their chess clubs.  It tends to also fall on the School Spirit  Week of many, and they kinda want to go to this dance thing, and that is okay.  Changing responsibilities, and changing hormones, finding a balance can be tough, yes.  The way I see it,  great chess players make great companions, because they know how to care for their pieces, and will treat their partners like the Kings and Queens they truly are.  This has been your Blind Chess Copy for September 2018. Thank you for your time.