Blind Chess Copy October 2018

As a lifelong Minnesotan, I’ve learned that my ice scraper never leaves the car; it simply moves from the back seat to the front.  While rain is in the forecast this week, the windshield was greeted this morning with a gentle reminder what what is to come ahead.  Your child’s runny noses, 5pm sunsets, and April Blizzards.  There is plenty to look forward to as well, such as Linus’s Great Pumpkin, 5 pound bags of Snickers, and the Youth and Collegiate Open.

Sign up and save time and resources by pre-registering.  Those looking to sign up in the Saturday only G30 section will be done via emailing me, so please let me know for details on that.  The Youth and Collegiate will also take place alongside our Senior Championships (age 50 and over) for those interested.  This weekend will be a great lead in to the US Class Championships being held also at the Plymouth Crowne Plaza in just a couple weeks.

Please reach out for any other questions.  This has been your Blind Chess Copy for October 2018, thank you for your time.