Blind Chess Copy November 2020

I do not usually wear scarves, so as temperatures drop, these face masks are becoming quite useful.  As tempers rise over how 2020 has gone, we find ourselves at a point in the year where people typically come together, or step back and reflect.  There is promise in a vaccine, but the country is still plagued.  The only recount I am unrelenting about are my blessings.  Each one counts; all blessings matter.

Online chess tournaments and Zoom gatherings look to be the norm for a while longer.  Like many, I desire for a return to playing in person.   I would much rather be surrounded my hundreds of people and chess pieces instead as opposed to hundreds of pixels and gigabytes.  Chess is largely a individual activity, but I believe I have made efforts to make it more than just a game throughout the years. 

I would like to conclude with stressing that being in good health is more than just the numbers read after stepping on the scale of which I’ll avoid doing this week…distanced or not, it is still Thanksgiving!!  This year has also taught us to examine our mental health, financial health, social health, academic health, and individual health alongside our physical health.  I may expand on this at a later time, but for now I wish you all wonderful holiday season and a healthy end to this year.  Thank you for your time.  Be safe and be well.