Blind Chess Copy July 2020

Put down that Nintendo Switch, and start playing chess again.  Besides, the last time I got involved with Animal Crossing, my oxen died fording the river and Gertrude came down with dysentery.

Get your affairs in order and make it down to the Chess Castle, they are now open for over the board play.   I am under the impression directives have been made in place to follow with Minneapolis city ordinance.  Also, those with expired memberships, it is best to renew it to make the process easier for the TD.   What does this mean for chess going forward; it’s hard to say honestly, it is rather conflicting, and it might take more time to deal with this open sore as normalcy is healed.  Will chess always be there for you…sure, why not. Chess is great, chess is grand.  Chess is the royal game.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking.

Obviously, other activities have been impacted beyond chess, and its hard to look at anything in the eye and feel the same way for it anymore.  While 2020 may feel like a betrayal of trust from what you have previously thought, I have personally found more things to be grateful of than not.  Maintaining perspective on different situations and the ability to adapt can help navigate around the rabbit holes.

Does COVID make you want to take a Louisville Slugger to both headlights…yeah it probably does, but then you are driving blind without direction or purpose, which could be more detrimental, it might be worth it to save the energy and put it into something useful and stay true to the course.  This has been your Blind Chess Copy July 2020.  Thank you for your time.

One day at a time
One move at a time

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