Blind Chess Copy February 2021

Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine

I’m begging you please I’ll take it in my hand
Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine…
Please just take it just because you can

Whether its a Tennessee Mountain Home, or one in frigid Minnesota, it’s become a place of work for nearly a year and counting.  Interactions with groups of people still won’t happen for a while which means online chess tournaments on a large scale will continue to be the norm.  US Chess has put out a set of online rules a while ago, but many of you could be seeing this for the first time.

Some people have made this transition better than others.  If you feel your online chess play is likened to a Bargain Store, I may have just what you’re looking for.  NM Matt Jensen has created a site called ChessGoals, with has an online focus.  Soon you will turn those pawn Islands in the Stream into protected passers, check out ChessGoals.

If you are like me, it’s the social interactions that happen at in person tournaments that I miss most, which cannot be replicated, but it is worth trying.  With a textbook, your teachers call it Distance Learning.  With a beverage, your friends call it a Virtual Happy Hour.  With a cat filter, its called a nationwide embarrassment for an unfortunate lawyer last week.  With your participation, it may be a great way to catch up.

This Thursday, I will host an open Zoom from 8pm-9pm for anyone to check in and say hi, talk chess, or anything else that may come up.  Stay for a little bit or stay for a while. This has been your Blind Chess Copy for February 2020, Thank you for your time.

One day at a time
One move at a time

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