Announcement 2: MSCA Update

To reach the next highest summit, one must step off the peak they are currently atop of.

I have informed the MSCA Board that I will be stepping down, effective immediately.  Put simply, after about 10 years, I am in need of a break.  New faces are needed, new ideas are needed, and a new start is needed.  I firmly believe that I do not need to be on the board to be effective; have comfort in that I will not relinquish my role as Scholastic Coordinator.  I will continue to lead from this capacity, and be involved in the directing of quality MSCA events. 

I want to prevent some rumors about this departure, and it is not due to physical health.  Many have seen a dramatic change in my appearance.  These are changes I made willingly on my own, and feel much better because of it; I simply needed to take better care of myself and took active measures to make this happen.

Additionally, I won’t be going away anytime soon, but for the next couple weeks, it will appear that I am going to be absent at events many “expect” to see me at without fail…I will be transparent about my whereabouts so you can rest assured.

March 9th: You would typically find me at the SCA tournament that day, but I will be helping out at one of the best tournaments you’ve never heard about, at Minneapolis Schools.

March 15th:This is the last round of TCCL, but I will be in Chicago instead, on staff for the High School Nationals in Chicago, IL.

All that said, I have committed to the event on March 23rdWayzata Team and Individual Actions, listed on the MSCA Homepage.  Attend if you can make it!

It was about two years ago I said I promise not to change who I am and what I am about, but instead evolve to who I want to be and what I want to become.  I may find myself easing back on a few things, recharge, and reemerge, while staying true to the above.  I have gained much by serving on the board, and it has been an honor to serve.  I felt I took my roles and responsibilities seriously and as best I can.  Thank you for your time.