A Look Into October 2019

Now that school has started, your child may have explored new activities, but some things have not went as planned.  A few bars short of making the fall musical this year…You don’t get cut in chess.  Perhaps a few steps behind for the athletic team…You don’t get benched in chess.  A few pins short of a spare…You will always roll a strike with chess.  Or maybe just unable to break past a hundred pounds on the bench press at the moment…do your heavy lifting with chess. 

The MSCA will kickoff things at the end of the month, but I would like to acknowledge the Rated tournament run by Adriel Agam this Saturday at the Eden Prairie Mall again.  A National Master has registered for the Open Section, and the Scholastic is also boasting a strong attendance.  .

The following day, the Chess Castle will host a Birthday Blitz for Dan Voje and Alice Lee.  For those in town during the scholastic “holiday weekend” also known as MEA, the Castle will host a Rapid tournament.

Thank you to those who have been attending the Monthly Scholastic tournaments, the October one will be held as part of a larger event eligible for all people of all ages, and multiple formats to select from.  More on this in a separate blast to explain in further detail, as the registration site may be undergoing some web maintenance.  This has been your Look Into October for 2019.  Thank you for your time.

Opinions expressed in this communication are solely my own and do not necessarily express the direct views or opinions of the MSCA Board of Directors