A Look Into November 2019

There are some celebrations in order, MN can now lay claim to two world champions.  Wesley So has become the first official Fischer Random World Champion, defeating Magnus Carlsen convincingly in a series of matches.  It was only a few months ago where Alice Lee was named the Under 10 World Champion at the Cadet Championships.  Not to be overlooked, older brother Linden Li has reached the status of US Chess Master, a milestone that only about 5% of chess players may ever attain.

The joyous occasions do not stop there–a Birthday Blitz will take place at the Chess Castle this Sunday for Sammy Narayanan!  Your Saturday options include the Chess Castle Exerciser Quad, or feel free to check out the one being held by Adriel Agam at the Eden Prairie Mall. The SCA has gotten into the swing of things with their ever popular Grade Level tournament this past weekend, and will have their next one will be on the 16th.  Featured sections will include the All-Girls and Rated.

The adventurous ones may make the trip to the Ice Harbor in Iowa this weekend.  I know I do not necessarily want to be reminded of the months ahead, but that’s Life in a Northern Town.  The Dream is alive for chess in the state of Minnesota these last few months but also for the Scholastic Coordinator who is thrilled to see all these all these achievements taking place, among other things.  The premier MSCA event that will take place this month would be the Class Championships and the November Scholastic, which will happen on the same weekend in a couple weeks.  People have already signed up, so take a look.  This has been your Look Into November 2019.  Thank you for your time.

Opinions expressed in this communication are solely my own and do not necessarily express the direct views or opinions of the MSCA Board of Directors