A Look Into May 2019

Did Thanos ever think to himself…”Should I have snapped the other half instead?”  While two weeks is enough of a grace period, I won’t give any real spoilers here except for the following: The ship sinks in Titanic.

While in a fictional world half the world is presumably forgotten, the MSCA is helping to restore, honor, and cherish individuals that have been important to the Chess Community in Minnesota.  With special thanks to the Hall of Fame Committee for resurrecting the MSCA Hall of Fame last year, there has now been a tournament and formal ceremony created to honor the inductees for 2019. 

For those that cannot commit to both days, we have the following with 30 minute time controls:

Saturday Beginners/Novice
Sunday Tornado

The Hall of Fame Ceremony will take place at approximately 2:30 on Sunday, May 12.  The following individuals will be honored:
Victor Adler
John Bartholomew
Sean Nagle
Brian Ribnick

Details about the following are in the links below.

Also starting up at the Mall of America Gameworks is Bughouse and casual play on Monday nights, likely twice a month.  The first one happened this past Monday, and 6 teams competed.  More details will follow in a future email, and likely the MSCA Facebook page.  The Chess Castle will hold an Exerciser Quad on the 19th, and the Castle will not be planning an event over the holiday weekend in with several planning to compete at the Chicago Open.  If there are any questions about the the weekend or anything else this month, please let me know.  This has been your Look Into May 2019, thank you for your time.