A Look Into December 2019 

Is 2019 coming to an end already?  Will the 2020 [eyesight] wordplay begin with constant quips of references to the year in question?  Insightful readers inevitably know the answer to this, and I will see to it that my vision is perfectly in line with what I am trying to view, while others will turn a blind eye and only offer a passing glance to this communication.

Something of note regarding the MSCA Class Championships a short while back, a special congrats to Timothy Radermacher.  Tim was the winner of the 1987 State Championship, and to claim another state title over this span is quite impressive.  Results of the MSCA Class can be found in the links below, congrats to all who participated.

For those who are unable to make it to the SCA Grade Level tomorrow, the next MSCA Scholastic will take place next Saturday at the Chess Castle.  A Think will take place this weekend, and the MN Blitz Championships will be on December 15th.  Another thing to mention is Round 3 of the Twin Cities Chess League.  This has been your Look Into December 2019.  Thank you for your time.

Opinions expressed in this communication are solely my own and do not necessarily express the direct views or opinions of the MSCA Board of Directors