A Look Into December 2018

Like many, I have seen the trailer for Avengers several times already.  The title has instant chess appeal…will there be more references in this iconic film can be equated to the iconic game…I certainly hope they snap to it and pick up the gauntlet.  We are entering the Endgame of 2018, and what a year it has been.  My outlook on reality continues to revolve around the power of change; now is a fitting time to reflect, satiate the mind, appease an eager soul, and broaden the ways to incorporate chess beyond its current space.

The Castle will hold two more weekend tournaments to close out the year, a Blizzard Championship  on the 15th-16th, and a Holiday Classic, Dec 28th-30th with a 2-day option as well.  For those in the Twin Cities Chess League that might have trouble making it on the 21st, check with your opponents to see if the 14th at the Castle will work.  League standings and details about the 14th are posted on the TCCL page.  Speaking of leagues, contact Brian Ribnick if your school was interested in joining the Junior High Chess League.  Elementary Schools are eligible as well.

While the year is wrapping up, there may be a handful of emails going out, but I’ll try to limit the number of them to Infinity.  The length of the emails composed however…can you believe this current writing has already been snapped twice?  Be on the lookout for another one within the week.  This has been your Look Into December for 2018.  Thank you for your time.