A Call To Pawns 033020

Online Grand Prix, Week 2!!

While I have seen a noticeable decline in my gas usage and spending habits as of late, my first real venture out to a major retailer for some much needed errands proved I am still clearly not immune to the following: an impulse bargain buy.  Courtesy of Menards, and a mere $6.99, I am the proud new owner of a salt crystal lamp.  I’m not here to debate the claims of their effectiveness, other than it’s a visual stimulus package for my senses to entertain and soothe the tortured mind from salinity to sanity.  How is everyone else doing?

Week 1 of the MN Online Grand Prix has completed, and ready to start Week 2.  Just over 100 individuals signed up an played in at least one event last week.

What if I cannot participate in all the events?  No matter, play in the ones you can, skip the ones you cannot.  Even if you just play in one event, we just want to see a Minnesota individual engaged.

What is the Entry Fee for this?  There is no cost to this, we just want you to play, compete, and have fun.  There will be some prizes given out, and trophies for Top K-3, K-5, and K-8.

Thank you all for your time
One day at a time
One move at a time