Announcement 1: 2019 State Scholastic Results

Thank you for all who attended the State Scholastic Tournament this past weekend.  Thank you to the the TD’s on staff, and all who volunteered their time to make this a successful event.  None of this happens without your continued support of the MSCA, and there is no real way to express how important all of you are in making this possible.  We are also looking for ways to make this tournament better and will welcome feedback.

Also included are the links for the Individual and Team Standings for all sections.  Any individuals looking for more team play, the School Chess Association will host a Twin Cities Jr High Championship section this Saturday at Metcalf in addition to their standard sections.  Elementary players can also compete up in this section.  They often do so with the team element involved and strength of competition.

As indicated, this is “Announcement 1”, and there will be an “Announcement 2” to come later today of a different nature, so I felt it was better to make them separate.  Thank you again for your time.