Youth and Collegiate 2017

Years back, I was in for an for an interview.  The individual deciding my fate with the 8×11 on linen in front of them, glancing rather quickly and remarking even quicker with the statement “Jack of all Trades” in it’s negative connotation. The rejoinder was not uttered and didn’t need to be; the body language said it all.

The rocks in my head clattered as violently as the rocks in my glass later that evening.  The narrative was incorrect, and the interpretation was missed.  And then it came to me, and the script was flipped.  Instead of Jack of all Trades, Master of None, I present myself as a Jack of All Trades, Master of Opportunity.

The Youth and Collegiate Open is next weekend, pushed ahead a couple months earlier from the usual December date.  There was a need, an opportunity seen for another youth oriented event to be created.  The MSCA previously only offered one tournament, the State Scholastic, and was created over fifty years ago.  No matter over why it took all this time for a second event, just matter there is another one now.  You matter.

The tournament structure is unique, and plenty of reasoning behind it.  I understand registrations will pick up soon, but the group of 16 from Iowa will have to make a decision if the numbers are not there.  As a reminder there is TCCL tonight, and that is where I will be this evening.  Teams can still be formed, or just show up and be a sub for a team in need.  Hope to see you tonight, thank you for your time.

Early entry will close on Tuesday.  Click Here to Register
Special Room Rates extended through Monday, Oct 23rd
Click Here for the Flyer, Let me know if you have questions

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