Hall of Fame, Elections, and Winter Open

Monday, you were recovering from that Vikings debacle.  Tuesday, your back may still be sore from all that shoveling.  Wednesday, you’ve cast away your New Year’s Resolution. Thursday, you burned your tongue on some soup, and on Friday, the person ahead of you buys the last blueberry scone.  I know, it’s rough.  Longing for meaning and purpose, but then you think to yourself, “I should run for the MSCA Board”

Elections are fast approaching, and three seats are up for election.  Interested candidates, submit a 150 [maximum] word statement to me or to the Board by Wednesday, February 7th.  In person balloting will take place at TCCL on Friday, February 9th, and during a portion of the MN Open.  More details will follow, look to the MSCA website or Facebook page.

Also taking place at the MN Open will be the revival of the Minnesota Chess Hall of Fame.  Thanks to the committee, a formal process was created and MSCA Board stands behind their selections.

As a reminder, the Winter Open is this weekend, and we are sitting just over 100 entries now!  Sign up or check for details by clicking here.  A Saturday Only Beginners/Novice tournament will also take place, and you may get to it by clicking here. It is common for people to show up onsite to register instead of signing up online.

Feel free to respond if there are questions.  Thank you for your time

Original post date: 1/26/18