Blind Chess Copy July 2017

I can’t say I’m sold on astrology, so when I hear Taurus is rising, I think of a Red Bull commercial.  Numbers for the US Junior Open are rising.  Did you miss the early deadline last Friday?  Don’t have a cow, there is a second early registration for a little more cheddar.

The stars will realign slightly at the Castle.The Mid-Summer Blitz will take place this Sunday, and Jackson Wahl’s Birthday Bash will now take place on July 30th.  Who am I to stand in the way of a fellow Leo and King of Blitz.

You do not need to be a Water sign to appreciate the Twin Ports Open in Duluth.  If you are  an Earth, Wind, and Fire, all are welcome, even Earth, Wind, and Fire. The Twin Ports Open has really grown to be one of the highlights of the entire Summer.  This August tournament will be so memorable, it will leave you dancin’ in September. This have been your Blind Chess Copy for July, 2017.  Thank you for your time.

Original post date: 7/19/17