Blind Chess Copy January 2018

I predict the following in 2018:

1.  “Perfect”, by Ed Sheeran by far, will be the most played song at proms, but also weddings. If the anticipated 13 Reasons Why, Season 2 makes a big splash, watch out for a resurgence of Lord Hurons “The Night We Met” as well.

2.  Minnesota sports [Vikings] fans will still find something to whine about even if they win Sunday, and also the Big One on Feb 4th.

3.  We are in for a pretty good year for Minnesota Chess.  It is already off to a great start.

Exciting news tonight, The Minnesota Blizzard won it’s opening match against the St. Louis Archbishops, the defending champs of the PRO Chess League.  The commentators on were stunned by this too, likening it to last weeks “Minneapolis Miracle.”  See that, your Skol-astic Coordinator isn’t the only one who finds ways to tie in chess to current events or pop culture.

As always, the MSCA starts off the first quarter of the year with three of its’ biggest tournaments.  The Winter Open is next weekend, and it will be held at the Roseville Skating Oval again.  Click here to register.

Those looking for a change of pace, the SCA will have a Double Bug tournament in addition to its usual tournament play.  For something with a longer control, the Castle will hold an Exerciser Quad.  The Birthday Blitz comes back this Sunday, we honor the Stuarts, Stuart Strack and Stuart Konezny.

There will be more information in the future regarding the MN Open and State Scholastic.  A Happy 2018 to everyone.  This has been your Blind Chess Copy for January 2018.  Thank you for your time.

Original post date: 1/19/18

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Upcoming Events
  • Rapid Tournament October 16, 2021 Chess Castle of Minnesota, 7800 Metro Pkwy, Bloomington, MN 55425, USA 5-6 rounds depending on entries, G/30 with 5 second delay. Club will be open at 9:30. Rounds at 10:00, 11:30, 1:00, 2:15, 3:30, (5:00). USCF Regular and Quick rated. Entry fee is $15 for members, $20 for non-members. 50% of entries returned as prizes. Up to 2 half point byes by request. Contact TD Jackson…
  • Action Quads October 18, 2021 7800 Metro Parkway Bloomington MN 55425 Every Monday the Castle will open at 5:30pm for some unrated chess fun. This is a great time for new players or returning members to learn about the club, play some friendly games, or join the US Chess Federation.Casual Chess Ends at 7pm when the Action Quads start.Action Quads Format: Three Rounds Game in 30…
  • Wednesday Knighter Open October 20, 2021 7800 Metro Parkway Bloomington MN 55425 Entry Fee: $35, members $25 Prizes: Winners get 50% off next month.  Swiss, Game/100 with +30 bonus. Onsite Registration: 6:30-6:50 PM first Wednesday of the month.  Rounds: 7:00 PM each Wednesday, check-in by 6:55 or you may not get paired, call 612.964.6673.  Other: Directed by Norm Myrin. Most games done by 11:00.  House player welcomed.  Questions, contact Norm Myrin at, phone: 612.964.6673.  Max of 16 players, so…
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