A Look Into October 2017

Did you miss out on the Rapid format tournament last Saturday at the Castle last Saturday?  The suggestion by Aleh Matus was a good one, and we hope to offer it up again at the Castle at some point in time.  Look, if Rory Gilmore can have a revival, if Will and Grace can have a revival…if Discipline Daddy can have a revival for continued years, yes, we will have a Rapid Revival at the Castle.  There’s new format in town….

Did you miss out on the early entry for the Blizzard FIDE this weekend, do not fear, as the early entry has been extended to this Thursday now.  We’ve already experienced our first frost, or at least I think this morning counted as one, so bring on the Blizzard [FIDE].

Did you miss out on Twin Cities Chess League last month?  Do not worry, show up on the 20th at Hamline and form a team still, we’ll award you with a half point bye.  You will not be turned down!  Show up with your team, or as a sub as teams may be looking for one.  Results can be found here.

Will GM Wesley So miss out on his last year of eligibility for the Youth and Collegiate Open, who turned 24 this week?  In all seriousness, we all are grateful for the time you make for the chess community here, and the pursuit of the world championship is something that will hopefully come to fruition.  Happy Birthday Wesley!

Details for the Youth and Collegiate can be found here, a group of 16 individuals from Iowa have already signed up, including a 2nd grader!  As a reminder, this is based on a school team, or a club team.  I will allow a TCCL team to also count, provided they meet one additional time, outside of league play.  Register here.

Don’t miss out on chess!  This has been your Look Into October, 2017.  Thank you for your time.

Original post date: 10/10/17