A Look Into July 2017

90 and muggy, 90 and muggy

…just what you will be paying, and how you will be feeling unless you pre-register by tomorrow for the US Junior Open.  Save now, and put the rest into your Xcel Energy bill.Click Here and sign up!  You can sign up as a school or club, as there will be team trophies.  It is not often that an event like this comes to Minnesota, and with it being in our backyard, we can easily represent, let’s not be embarrassed!

Get prepared for this National Event by playing in the Dog Days Think at the Castle this weekend.  The term Dog Days is actually a reference to the movement and appearance of the stars in the night sky, specifically, Sirius.  The rabid weather lately is merely coincidental.  That said, it was a splendid night for those that went out to see the night sky lit up for other reasons, nothing to bark about there.

The following Sunday (July 16th), another shining star will have a Birthday Blitz in their honor.  That person happens to be Jackson Wahl, who has been a great asset to the MSCA board and the Chess Castle with his directing of tournaments.  Even if you don’t play blitz, this is one you would want to attend.  Thank you Jackson, for all you do.

US Junior Open, sign up solo or, play as a team!  The US Senior Open also takes place in conjunction, and as of now, there are more signed up in this one than the Junior Open.  How is this possible?  Fathers, get off the golf course as the Junior Open is a guaranteed hole in one!  Mothers, invest in the Junior Open before you invest in those Erika Wayfarers!   Summer is hot enough, so don’t get burned and save.  This has been your Look Into July, 2017.  Thank you for your time.

Original post date: 7/16/17