A Look Into February 2018

Yes it’s below zero again, and you can’t wish it away.  Yes it snowed again recently and you hope you don’t have to shovel it.  You can’t sleep this one off, its Minnesota, the Dream Academy won’t be there to save you it’s Life in a Northern Town.  Coupled with the Super Bowl traffic all this week, a vacation sounds really nice.  Just come back in time for the Minnesota Open, okay?

February 23-25, our biggest tournament is coming up, and you know this is where you want to be.  For details regarding the 125th Annual MN Open, click here and sign up.  We do have a special room rate for the weekend as well so call ahead and reserve.  A beginners and novice tournament will also take place on Saturday the 24th, here are those details.

If you are in need for a warm up tournament before then, check out the Think next weekend at the Castle.  The SCA is also gearing up for one of its biggest tournaments, and one of the largest tournaments in the State.  The SCA Statewide Grade Level the following weekend, and you can check out their site for details.

TCCL is this Friday, and there will be onsite balloting taking place for the 2018 MSCA Board.  There will be two vacancies for the board as individuals have elected not to seek another term.  Details can be found on the MSCA website and Facebook Page, but you will be led to here.  This has been your A Look Into February, 2018.  Thank you for your time.

Original post date: 2/5/18