A Look Into August, 2017

Jay Cutler is back in the league, and the Twin Ports Open will be held in Packer Country this year.  I know, that is a lot to take in, at least the Lions will find a way to mess something up, they always manage to do so.

The Twin Cities will  Tread-well on over to the Superior WI  this weekend for the 6th Annual Twin Ports Open as the Castle will be closed.  There is still time to sign up, a few hotel rooms left, so Digg right in!

A special congratulations to Nastassja Matus, the youngest ever Champion of the Susan Polgar Foundation Invitational.  This is quite an honor, the Matus household must be quite proud.  Also congrats to Samarth Ram, Issac Traynor, and Ritesh Eswar who all took 1st, or a share of it at the US Junior Open a few weeks ago.

The month will conclude with a weekend Think, and the Sunday prior, the Castle will host a back to back Birthday Blitz on the 20th.  This has been your Look Into August, 2017.  Thank you for your time.

Original post date: 8/11/17