Blind Chess Copy November 2017

With How I Met your Mother off Netflix, I will have to find another way to pass the time, so that does that mean more chess?  Before I make a list of pros and cons about this, I clearly need to Make Adjustments, Go Get It Energized.

Haaaaaave you met Minnesota’s newest Master?  A special Congratulations to Nastassja Matus!  Earned at the end of last month, and 12 years in the making.  It’s a odd feeling to say I’ve watched her playing for over half her life from her first SCA tournaments to this past weekend at the Class Championships, as a National Master.  Well earned, and well deserved, congratulations again, Nastassja!

Suit up for a special Birthday Quad this Saturday at the Castle.  Who’s birthday you ask?  The man of the day happens to be the young Sammy [Swarley] Narayanan.  Who doesn’t like Sammy?  This guy, have you seen him down on himself.  No.  When he gets sad, he stops being sad and be awesome instead.  The event is largely an at-door sign up, but you can click here to pay online.  Play this Saturday, it will be Legen…wait for it…

Slapsgiving is right around the corner, but before we do so, there will be a Board Meeting scheduled for Sunday, November 19th at 1pm.  There is much to discuss, and your attendance would be appreciated.


This Friday is TCCL, and it will be the last month we will accept a team.  Sign up if you have not already, this will be the easiest challenge you can accept. It won’t go too late, but a supply of Tantrum wouldn’t hurt.  This has been your Blind Chess Copy.  Thank you [Linus] for your time.

Original post date: 11/16/17