A Look Into June, 2017

Chess Does not end in May!

The Scholastic chess season has concluded for many, so we need something to get us by through the summer.  Allow me to come up with some talking points:

Taconite Iron Ore
Dot Matrix Printing
Boston Baked Beans
Cadbury Creme Eggs
Charles In Charge

Need I remind you that chess does not end in May?  Imagine if professional athletes stopped lifting weights, conditioning, and eating healthy when the season is over.  Being a lifelong Minnesotan, yes, the summer is great, and making the most of beautiful weather is something to look forward to,

Hey Chess Parents!! Are you looking for something to do while your better half speaks volumes about their monthly book club, but the taste for fine literature evolves into a taste for fine Pinot instead… Those that know the rules, and want to sharpen your skills, how does Tuesday night sound?  Expert Eric Bell and Women’s International Master Aura Salazar have teamed up together to start up some chess classes at the Black Forest Inn.  The first one is on June 6th at 8pm.  Here is the link for details.

Next weekend will be the Blizzard FIDE Open, and there are spots still open, so click here to sign up.

June will also feature the Rochester Open, helping kick the summer off as well.  The Rochester Open is a favorite for many.

Also, the early deadline for the US Junior Open is coming up soon.  This National tournament is in Northfield, MN will be sorted by age group instead of rating  Club and school teams are allowed to compete, as there will be awards for that.  The US Junior Open will be July 21-23 alongside the US Senior Open.

Two longtime chess players will be playing for the 300th time, and a tournament will be done to commemorate the meeting.  Dan Voje and Jeff Chandler will be the guests of honor, and all are welcome to compete as well on Saturday June 17.  There is much more to come this summer.  This has been your Look into June, 2017.  Thank you for your time