Blind Chess Copy, September 2016

Original date sent: September 23, 2016

How do you solve a [chess] problem like Timur Gareyev?

Chess is alive, with the sound of checkmate!  The Twin Cities Chess League starts tonight at Hamline University Bush Ballroom at 7pm.  For those curious about parking and other assorted items regarding tonight, I will post on the MSCA Facebook page.  The first round will be hectic, so be patient.  Arriving early is very much appreciated, so make haste like the Von Trapps.

I have climbed every mountain and searched high and low for the Chess Club of MN, and I am pleased to help announce their revival to the MN chess scene once again!  Scholarships, classes, and even a lecture by IM Sean Nagle are coming your way, and are having an open house in a few weeks, and will provide details soon.

Blindfolded simuls, and chess opening strings, these are a few of my favorite things…As a reminder, GM Timur Gareyev will do a blindfolded simul. Saturday, October 1st.  Yes.  Blindfolded.  This is truly a mental feat of supreme skill and endurance, and spectators more when welcome.  Spots are filling up, and only the first 15 people will get to experience this.  The next day, he will do a  sighted lecture.  No.  Not Blindfolded.  The lecture is open to many more people, and the Chess Castle looking forward to your presence.

Also coming up is the MSCA Seniors and Women Championships in early October at the Chess Castle the following weekend.  A side event is in the works of which I will announce soon.  Unfortunately, I will have to cut this email short due to time constraints.  Fortunately, I will continue this theme, so do not despair.  It will give you all a chance to catch up on the classic.

So long, Farewell, Au revoir, Auf Weidersehen.

MSCA Vice President and Scholastic Coordinator,
Jiten Patel, the Lonely Goatherd