Blind Chess Copy, June 2016

Original date sent: June 22, 2016

We are into another month of the Scholastic “off season”, and yes, I do have another list of talking points for the summer this time around, since there is nothing to talk about:
Lawrence of Arabia
British Beetle-mania
Old Miss
John Glenn
Liston beats Patterson

When your soccer game is cancelled due to lightning in the air
Come down to the Castle it will always be there.
When you’re in a cast for a month, cause you were hit by a pitch
Come down to the Castle and we won’t act like a

As a reminder, if you are playing the Rochester Open on Saturday, you have the option of playing the first round tonight at the Castle if you are in the Premier or Amateur sections.  Registration is from 6:6-45.  Don’t forget that the State Blitz Championship is this Sunday as well, details can be found on the MSCA website.

The Twin Cities Chess League has found a new site for the upcoming season.  It will be held at the Bush Center Ballroom at Hamline University.  It is a beautiful site, and not too far away from where we have had it before.  While we don’t start up again for a few months, this is a good time to be thinking about it.  I will mention this again as we get closer to September, but let me know if you want more immediate information.

Speaking of planning ahead, there a be a Scholastic panel formed, one that I plan to lead.  This will be separate from the MSCA board, and semantically, I am not going to use the term “sub-committee”  The primary focus will be in regards to the State Scholastic tournament, but if other things come up, they can be addressed.  More on this later, but if you are interested in having a voice on this panel, let me know.

This has been your Blind Chess Copy, June 2016. Thank you for your time.

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