Blind Chess Copy, July 2016

Original date sent:  July 25, 2016

My name is Jiten Patel, and I am a part of a community.  A strong and vibrant chess community.  It may be a simple game that brings enthusiasts together, but it is the bonds that we create as human beings that brings out the best from within ourselves.  Computers may be able to solve the most difficult chess problems, but the relationships we build with each other are simply far too complex for any machine to handle.

And when something happens to a fellow member of this beloved community, there is a sense of shock over the course of events.  By now, a number of people are aware of the news regarding Zach Adams, and a link for CaringBridge created by the family has made has been made available on the Chess Chatter page of the Chess Castle website.  At this time, his parents, Alex and Debra Adams have asked only for your strength, thoughts, and prayers during these trying times.  Comments can be made on their CaringBridge page.  Updates on Zach’s condition will also be found here.

There will be some minor tweaks to the Chess Castle events, some have have noticed the weekend Think tournament will also include a U1400 section.  This may serve as a great warmup to the Twin Ports Open in Duluth, Aug 5-6.

If in need for even more chess fine tuning, don’t forget about the lecture IM John Bartholomew will run this Wednesday evening.  The theme for the lecture will be Minnesota Masters, and will analyze games from the top players of MN, past and present.

Other big events in the next couple months are the 2nd Blizzard FIDE Open on Aug 20-21, the Region 6 Championships, Sept 3-4th, and the Twin Cities Chess League, which begins in September.

As always, all of this can be found on either the MSCA or Chess Castle websites.  This has been your Blind Chess Copy for July, 2016.  Thank you for your time.