A Nonsecular Look Into December, 2016

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The Youth and Collegiate Open is back!  Welcome to the party, pals.  I take full blame for not getting the online registration on this sooner, you all deserve better.  Registration for this can be found on the MSCA website, but feel free to reply back to me.  Before I go any further, the SCA will hold their grade level tournament this Saturday, and the Castle will hold a Quick Chess Championship on Sunday, with the time controls being Game in 8 with a 3 second delay.

The following weekend, December 10-11 will be the Youth and Collegiate Open at the Plymouth Crowne Plaza.  I have expanded the age requirement to 24 and under, (born 1992, or later).  Anyone enrolled in college is allowed to compete regardless of age.  Just like last year, schools or clubs are allowed to compete as a team.  Full details can be found by going to the MSCA website.

TCCL will meet on Friday, December 16.  Please allow extra time to arrive promptly and safely as this is one where people have been stuck in traffic in years past.  There will be an Exerciser Quad the following day, and a Tornado on Sunday.  To those that are inclined to attend, the Castle will have a Blitz event on December 24th.

This has been your Nonsecular Look into December 2016.  Thank you for your time