A look Into September, 2016

Original date sent:  September 14, 2016

The optimist in me says the Vikings have nothing to fear going into this season, Bradford’s knees and shoulders will be just fine.  The other optimist in me says, you know, this is a really good year to invest into more chess.

Luckily, these next several weeks will be full of opportunities to start off the scholastic season off right.  This weekend, a national event will take place right here in MN!  The MSCA will be hosting the US Amateur North at the Plymouth Crowne Plaza.  This tournament is only eligible for those that have a rating below 2200, and there will be an Under 1600 section as well.

Those under 1000 can play in a special Saturday only section, designed for all you rapidly improving players, without having to play the whole weekend.

The Twin Cities Chess League will proudly begin another season next week  We found a new site at Hamline University, in the Bush Center Ballroom.  This new venue should be an upgrade to where we were last year in terms of playing quality.  Play begins Friday September 23rd.

The last week of September will be in anticipation of what looks to be an exciting opportunity for the chess players of Minnesota.  GM Timur Gareyev will be holding not only a sumul at the Chess Castle, but will do so while being blindfolded when taking on his victims, I mean challengers.  On the following day, he will give a lecture on his recent games the day before.  This event is made possible by Beginners Mind, a newly formed MN non-profit by members of the Twin Ports chess community.

There is plenty of time to sign up for all of these events to fill up your calendar.  Let me know if you have questions about anything here.  This has been your Look Into September, 2016.  Thank you for your time.