A Look Into October, 2016

Original date sent: October 7th, 2016

For those that were not in attendance for the Blindfolded Simul and Lecture by GM Timur Gareyev last week, you missed quite a feat of mental stamina.  15 challengers, zero losses, 11 wins, and 4 draws.  While this was held at the Castle, credit goes to Beginners Mind Chess, a 501 3c organization.  Those eager to see what they have in line for their next project, please contact Dane Zagar or Dane Mattson.  Also to keep in mind, Give to the Max is coming up next month, so don’t forget to invest in chess.

This weekend is the MSCA Seniors and Womens Championship.  It is not too late sign up, and there will be a side event alongside it.  I will refer to it as the “Custom Quads”.  Yes, you would have the option of finding three other friends [or enemies]  and going up against them in battle of endurance.  The third round of the quad can be played in line with the Sunday round of the Seniors and Womens Championship if the players agree.  Those that show up onsite will be paired as normal if they don’t have a foursome.

October will feature another Sunday Funday Birthday Blitz, in honor of the Litman family, and an Exerciser Quad will be held on the day before.  The Blizzard will host another event over MEA weekend, and the SCA will kickoff their season as well.  The last weekend of the month will involve a Whiz Blitz and Sunday Quads.  This has been your Look Into October, 2016.  Thank you for your time