A Look Into November, 2016

Original date sent:  November 7th, 2016

Well…did you have fun going after Bambi’s mother, instead of playing chess for the opener…be an animal lover instead of a hunter!  That said there are several players that could call themselves tactical assassins on the chessboard.

The SCA is underway, and the scholastic season will soon be in full swing.  Without missing a beat, the MSCA will host its Class Championships this weekend.  Bow tie and tux are not needed for this one, as class refers to the rating category you belong in.  Think of it like a weight class in wrestling.  Class A is 1999-1800, Class B is 1799-1600, […] and Class E is Under 1000.  You cannot play up in this tournament, which means all your games will be a true test of skill.

The SCA will have a special girls only section, and a sectioned rated tournament in addition to their standard tournament on the 19th.  TCCL will take place that Friday, on the 18th.

The weather doesn’t show it, but this is the month where we have that thing called Thanksgiving…or should I say Thinksgiving.  That’s right, if mass hysteria and Black Friday weekend isn’t your cup of gravy, may I suggest the Think on the 26th-27th.  The Castle will host an Exerciser quad on the 19th and a Blitz on the 20th on the previous weekend.

This has been your Look into November, 2016.  Thank you for your time