A Look Into March, 2017

Original date sent:  March 1st, 2017

I know you. For years, I have been saying Chess is not a spectator sport or a red carpet event.  I see you. Some of you drifting into La La Land waiting for your childs’ games to end.  I feel you.  Some of you staring into the Moonlight during those evening rounds.  I thank you.  Your kids may not always show it, but look into their eyes, and further; they really are appreciative, and so am I.

The newly elected board will meet 7:30 tonight at the Castle, and those interested are welcome to attend.

The State Scholastic is fast approaching, and we start off March with the Minneapolis Open this weekend.  There is a limited signup so enter now.  Your participation and Arrival will be the best prep before the Scholastic.  We need to fill the Castle up! Only 20 are committed as of now, so apologies for The Salesman pitch.

Need a bite to eat  while at the Castle? Breakfast is important, allow me to Sing praises to the Ideal Diner, within walking distance on Central.  Their breakfast links are Polish, their hollandaise is French, but I prefer my O.J. Made in America.

SuperNationals  looks to have a record turnout this May.  There is also another National tournament to look forward to, and it will be in Minnesota.  St. Olaf College will host the US Junior Open on July 21-23. More details will follow in the coming months, but registration is already open.  This is a good sign, Checkers in Minnesota will continue to prosper. Wait, there is a mistake…Chess, Chess in Minnesota will continue to prosper.

This has been your Look Into March, 2017.  Thank you for your time.