A Look Into June, 2016

Original date sent: June 6th, 2016


School is out, but Chess is in session all summer long!  Stop by on Tuesdays for casual chess starting at 6pm!  Congrats Seniors!  Looking forward to that grad party invite 🙂

Things of note for the month of June, the signup for this weekends Blizzard FIDE Open is filling up fast!  Entries are limited to 60, and we are about 15 people away from reaching that mark.  There is still time, but get a rush on it.

On Wednesday evening, June 15th, IM John Bartholomew will do a lecture at the Chess Castle from 7-9pm.  Due to space, this will be capped at 40 people.  At $25 for this wonderful opportunity, you don’t have to be a graduate to make this a worthy present for any chess enthusiast, and Castle members enjoy a $10 discount.

In late June, one of the highlights of my summer, the Rochester Open, June 24-25 will take place.  It is a great break from frequenting the Castle so often, and I have been to Metcalf Jr High so many times, people call me Brian Ribnick.  A great thanks to Matt Jensen for keeping this going all these years.  For those that cant make the Friday night round in Rochester, I will direct a satellite round that week on a date to be determined.

The MSCA Blitz Championship will take place Sunday, June 26th.  This is a popular event since so many youth play quickly anyways, but also often times, a lower rated player gets a chance to play a much higher rated player they normally won’t get a chance to play in a normal tournament due to the number of rounds.  Wow, that was an incredibly long sentence…maybe I need to go back to school.

Again, congrats to all you seniors as you end one chapter of your lives and start on another.  Your chess playing days don’t have to end here, but I get it.  I myself didn’t join a choral group after high school, didn’t play on a basketball team after middle school, and I only practiced the viola for a few months, promptly abandoning it after the all district recital in 4th grade.  I have learned valuable things from all things I have pursued.  You phase out of some things, and stick with others.  Clearly, I have stuck with chess.  May our paths cross again, thank you.

This has been your Look Into June, 2016.  Thank you for your time.