A Look Into July, 2016

Original date sent:  July 5th, 2016

We reflected on Patriotism this weekend, and now usher in the summer. Dawn’s early light of garnet and vermilion, transforming into the indigo of twilight’s last gleaming.

Let’s get the month of July off to a good start this weekend with the Dog Days Classic, featuring an Under 1400 section.  Sirius, the brightest star seen from the Earth’s night sky, can be first seen in what is known as a helical rising.  I care not to digress, so in short, Sirius is also known as the “dog star” and the origin of the Dog Days of Summer derives from this, serving as a fitting name as our brightest stars will be playing.

After helpful feedback and generous support, we are looking to have Under sections at the Castle on a monthly basis, and your participation will give rise to a more frequent occurrence of these sections of varying ranges.  As mentioned, the Dog Days Classic this weekend will have an U1400 section, and we will look into an Under section for the July Think on the 23rd-24th.

IM John Bartholomew will be doing another lecture at the Castle on Wednesday, July 27th in the evening.  No word yet on what the theme will be, but it will be up on the Castle website when we find out.

There are two weekend tournaments this month, hopefully either or both events will help prepare for the Twin Ports tournament in Duluth, Aug 6-7, one of the biggest tournaments in the summer.  Rooms are filling fast, so act now.  There are one day events on Saturday July 16th (Game 30, 6 Rounds) and an Exerciser Quad on the 30th.  A blitz tournament will be held on the following Sundays..

This has been your Look Into July, 2016.  Thank you for your time.  Shine on.

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