Blind Chess Copy, May 2016

The “Scholastic” chess season is largely over, so I guess that means we have absolutely nothing to talk about these next several months, how shall we pass the time?  I have managed to come up with a list of talking points for the summer:

Battlestar Galatica
Tulip Mania
String Theory
Bituminous Coal

Folks, chess does not end in May, imagine if professional athletes stopped lifting weights, conditioning, and eating healthy when the season is over.  Being a lifelong Minnesotan, yes, the summer is great, and making the most of beautiful weather is something to look forward to.  There is also room for chess! Is it raining? Launch a pawn storm on your opponent and stop into the Castle.  Out of sunscreen?  Come down to the Castle!  Out of patience?  Drop the kids off at the Castle!

As far as this weekend is concerned, some of the top juniors will take on challengers at the Art-A-Whirl on Saturday from 12-4 in the back parking lot on a giant chess set.  On Sunday, there will be a Blitz event where State and Scholastic MN champions Sean Nagle and Andrew have committed to play in as well as many others.

The success of the Minneapolis Open in March has prompted another big event next month.  On June 11-12th, the Minnesota Blizzard of the US Chess League will host the Inaugural FIDE Open.  This will be held at the Castle, and space again is limited so sign up before we reach capacity.  More information can be found at the Chess Castle website.

June will also feature the annual Rochester Open, and MSCA Blitz championship, a Summer Classic event will take place in July, and the Duluth Twin Ports is slated for early August.  More on these in future emails.  This has been your Blind Chess Copy for July 2016, thank you for your time.