Chess, Sha-boogie bop

The rain that fell the past few nights became aglow with purple.  The days, instead of sunlight exposing beads of morning dew, it was doves of mourning, droplets captured on blades of grass.  In a few days time, the School Chess Association will have its last tournament of the academic season, and the weekend after, Elementary Nationals.  A handful see this as a stoppage of their own chess for a while, casting away their chess board, chess board … like ones you’d find at a second hand store.

Don’t let that May elevator bring you down, let’s go crazy and play more chess.  Hop in that Little Red Corvette and head down to Dubuque, Iowa for the Ice Harbor Scholastic, May 13-15th.  James Hodina has done a masterful job running this tournament for years, and in large part, was a source of inspiration that brought about the idea for the first MN Youth and Collegiate tournament back in December.  Minnesota has represented well at this tourney, but bringing more people down to this one will not hurt at all.  This is a Scholastic tournament I highly  recommend.

At the Chess Castle, some featured events that will take place is a Mother’s Day Blitz,and a weekend Think the following Saturday/Sunday.  The Castle is going to be involved in the Art-a-Whirl festivities as well.  Full details will be up on the Chess Castle website soon, [I just need your extra time…]

I was sleepy when I wrote this, forgive me if it went astray.  Then again, how is that any different any other post I’ve sent in the past…This has been your Look Into May, 2016.  Thank you for your time.