A Look Into March, 2016

Many of the brightest and captivating celebrated over the weekend.  No, the favorite does not always win, and those who gather could watch it unfold themselves.  A fair amount of time spent dedicated to perfecting a craft.  Often there is one star in the lead role, but also crucial to take the overall top spot is an exceptional supporting or ensemble cast focused on one goal.  Did I mention red-carpet treatment as well?  Yes, all the chessboards a stage and all the kings and queens are merely pieces.  Save the Date for State, March 19-20.  Yes, there will be red-carpet treatment, but I have said too much already.

Yes, the focus for March is the State Scholastic, but here are some tournaments along the way:  This weekend is the Mpls Open at the Chess Castle.  Sign up soon as space is limited to the first 60 signed up, and we are past the halfway point already.

The Chess Castle will not have a tournament the following weekend because selected top finishers from the MN Open will be playing in the MN Closed Championships.  Spectators are allowed, and the field will also include some of the top Scholastic players in the State.  Congrats to all competing!

So with no tournament at the Castle that weekend, how is one supposed to get their chess fix and final tune up for State?  Might I suggest the SCA Twin City Jr. High Championships on that Saturday, March 12th The Jr High section is a team tournament as well, so I encourage elementary schools to submit a team into this section.  Also if you are a top K-6 player, play up and get some experience against the top players!  There is no rating on the line, so this is great for some to want to test something out or just take a tiny break from rated chess and let loose a bit.

Casual Nights at the Castle on Tuesdays have been well attended as of late, anyone looking for a game or analysis, the door is always open (6-10pm).  Get ready for State, and also Nationals for those planning to make the trip.  This has been your “A Look Into” for  March, 2016.  Thank you for attention. Thank you for your time.  Thank You.