Bcc: Feb 2016

Some called it a dull and boring game. For those who have played themselves, or knowledgeable of the unheralded nuances of the game, it was enjoyable.  The man at the helm, an all time great vs a future great that was riding an unbelievable wave of success up until this point.  Worldwide interest, and the pressure ramped up.  The old man was calm and collected, bolstered with a prophylactic suffocating defense, and a fierce attack that made the young man look very amateurish while the living legend comes out on top.

Am I referring to Peyton Manning vs the 15-1 Panthers and Cam Newton in the Super Bowl, or Tigran Petrosian vs the 20 game winning streak and Bobby Fischer in the 1971 Candidates Match, Game 2?  While you think about that, it is no question that the term “chess match” is used routinely in athletic competitions; I cannot help but grin a little whenever I hear it said.

This weekend is the Minnesota Open, the biggest tournament in the State.  With the MSCA State Scholastic coming up in just over a month, do expect the emails being sent a little more frequently than usual.  With regards to the State Scholastic and Nationals, the MN Open is a tournament I find critical to getting ready for these tourneys.  Since my tenure on the board, a number of you know this is a tournament I push, especially for those that are starting to get a feel for the game, and want to realize their potential.  The experience gained is unparalleled, and the atmosphere is rife with opportunities to become a better player and grow as a person.

The Crown Northstar is across the Wells Fargo Building, and a brisk walk to Gavidae Commons.  Connected to the Skyway system, one is nearly a short mile away from the Golf Show at the Convention Center that weekend, and the RV/Camping Show as well.  Games may finish early and if there is a lot of time between the next round, the Walker is always a fun place for the kids to go to.  The hotel has a no-outside food policy, so we need to be respectful of it.

Tonight is the last night to register for the early entry rate, so make sure to take advantage of that.  If there are time conflicts, don’t be afraid to request a bye so you can make your other engagements.  Pay online on the MSCA website, or come in person at the Chess Castle tonight after 6pm for more information and pay there.  While you are there, stick around and play a game or two.  The address for the Castle is 1121 NE Jackson St Suite 134  Minneapolis, MN  55413.

Any questions?  Do not hesitate to ask.  This has been your Blind Chess Copy, February 2016.  Thank you for your time.

Jiten Patel
MSCA Scholastic Coordinator